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There is a story behind this place hidden from prying eyes. 

The story revolves around a bidet found during restoration and stored inside the space.

This bidet belonged to the brothel that once existed in this place.
It is not difficult to imagine its function if one associates it with the brothel.

Mathilda was the most popular girl; people arrived early to be with her.  She was sweet even if you were not her first customer because her profession was to make your thoughts disappear and be at peace in her arms. 

That sort of white basin, made of elegant ceramics raised off the ground with thin iron legs, was the object she loved most in that house.

The cold container brushed against her legs several times daily, soothing her most intimate parts at the end of her performances.  She did not allow anyone to use it because that was her holy water mixed with the essence of her body. 

One day in a hot June, a very disrespectful and infinitely rude customer, after his grumpy encounter with Mathilda and at the end of his intercourse, sweaty and dripping, asked for something to drink to refresh himself. 

Mathilda did not like ignorance because she treated everyone with the most tremendous respect, so she decided to take revenge.


So she put some of that bidet-weary water into an inlaid metal goblet and served it to him with care, saying she had flavored it with much love for him. 

He drank it all in one gulp, smiled at her, and left happily, leaving a hefty tip.

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