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My name is Giovanni, I was born and raised in Tuscany. When I was 25 years old I left Italy to work in advertising, but my roots can't follow me, they're still stuck in in Italy.

This is demonstrated by my indelible and strong Tuscan accent, in any other languages that I have learned.

I have lived in Milan, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and Dubai, but I know I'll be back home someday, and I want UMAMMA to become my shelter.

A project made with exceptional people to be able to live and perhaps work there, seeking inspiration in the nature that surrounds it.

I imagined an unexpected place, with unexpected details. A space you miss when you're not there, the ideal place to carry out activities that go beyond everyday life:

meetings with artists, intimate acoustic concerts and meditation.

San Miniato still has a pure soul, a life of its own, true, outside of the tourist scene.

That's why I like it. I think it's a unique feature.

Because not being touristy means preserving local integrity, to preserve their traditions and habits, that don't need to change just to please those who don't live there.


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